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(Week 15) 11/09/2020

“Forever Stuck in Plastic” –

Collaboration Virtual Safari

It has been one week since I attended SIP yearly Toy Safari. This year was very different indeed. Corona Virus and social distancing put a stop to meeting up as a group, however we found a way around that and attended the weekend Virtual. As a result, 15 toy photographers got together and formed an incredible collaboration.

A Little Background Information

The experience of collaborating with other photographers from different parts go Europe was amazing. As I previously mentioned in my post, I am one of eight member of a group called Stuck in Plastic. This group originally was set up with five members, however at the beginning of 2020, I was approached and asked to join the team. I was thrilled and became a member and be part of a recognised by Lego group in which we regular test and write reviews for the Lego group. Before our toy safari, we had work exhibited in Cape Town along with the other members, this work was then sold, if it did not sell the images were donated to a children’s hospital. There are more exhibitions planned for later in the year, it is top secret at the moment. However, what I can say is that it is going to be very exciting.

The Experience

Normally, this toy safari would take place as a meet up in a chosen location and this year should have presented itself in Tallinn. Of course, Corona Virus changed all travel plans and we had to think ahead. So, this led to the meeting being held online using google meet and Facebook rooms. On behalf of the team, we are pleased to say it went better than expected and the experience was phenomenal.

The virtual toy safari took place exactly one week ago and what ended up being created was a series of images in which we all took part either as a group or as teams of 5. First, a few days before we all received a package, not to be opened until the Friday. Needless to say, I already knew the SIP (Stuck in Plastic) crew but it was my first time meeting the other participants. Once we were altogether online, we were instructed to open the package, inside were items that could or could not help our mission. Also, inside the package was a card which included a QR code, this released our secret mission and directed us to our group tasks.

Having never collaborated in a larger scale group before, I can see how this experience has benefitted my learning process and provided me with some long-term contacts. It was really interesting to hear and see how others projected their ideas toward the storyline and how the whole project came together considering we were from different parts of the world. Our aim and objective was to add to the story and at present there is a book designed and ready to be published.

Interestingly, the theory of time entered its way into the work and the deadlines were shorter than we all normally work, which in turn challenged our creativity. Nevertheless, we all produced amazing images, which ironically worked together perfectly, considering we could not see what each other was shooting.

Would I do it again? For sure, it was a wonderful experience and so much fun. A week later and we are still all reminiscing about such a great collaboration.

© A Collaboration with Stuck in Plastic
© A Collaboration with Stuck in Plastic
© A Collaboration with Stuck in Plastic

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