Beverley Thomas Critical Research Journal for Falmouth University MA Photography

This blog is being made as part of an accredited educational programme.

(Week 8) 19/07/2020

What’s happened to me? he thought. It was no dream.” Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis



This years’ Landings theme is Metamorphosis. A celebration of photography produced in these transitional times and how we have connected to the landscape that we found ourselves in. The Curators are Matt, Bekkie, Dean, Louise, Jasmine, Tim, Marcel, and Ross, from another cohort. I wish them lots of luck putting together what sounds like an epic show. With tomorrows deadline approaching, I have just delivered via email my 3-image contribution and representation of what metamorphosis means to me. The launch date for the gallery will be 27/07/2020 so be sure to check out the live Instagram link

Over the past four months the effects of the current C-19 situation had left me feeling rather deflated and uninspired. Not only was I unable to work as a free lance photographer, but my teaching work also took a hit. Everything I have built up came to a sudden standstill. I experienced the domino effect that rippled through the wedding industry, couples postponing until next year and other work became frozen in time. Nevertheless, I did manage to keep actively shooting, turning to my toy photography interest. Inspired by nature, I set up a garden wilderness trail on Instagram by inviting others to join the trail via my connection with Stuck in Plastic

We ran the post during the month of April and it proved a great success, not only for me but for others who joined in and shared their own experiences. The trail provided positive feedback and was well received. Many people suggesting that it provided them with a reason and a purpose to get out in their spaces and shoot. However, C-19 still remains and during the past few months continued to affect my initial work in progress, so I decided to transform my work into something very different.


Driven by light and the process, I began identifying and exploring opportunities to push my work into new directions. Together with the reconsideration of time, I have reinvented myself as a photographic artist, thus allowing me to convert light into energy whilst connecting to nature in the environment. This in turn enables me to use alternative experimentation and re-examine my photographic voice, as I focus on bringing old and new technologies together. 

Exhibition Space secured

I am pleased to announce that as of last Friday, I have secured gallery space at a local coffee shop and art gallery. The owner, has an invested interest in the Arts and upon showing him my proposed images, he was excited at the prospects of showcasing my work. He said that I could use all the wall space and he was extremely happy that I turned up to our meeting, as he was too feeling deflated until he viewed my work. Therefore, I am looking to launch an exhibition in October with hopes to have an open evening (obviously depending on the government rules at that time). However, showcasing the work will not affect the public outcome due to the footfall passing through this popular outlet. I am excited at the prospects and look forward to working with him now and in the future.


KAFKA, F. Available at [accessed 19/07/20]

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